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Stainless Compost Pail

Stainless Compost Pail was designed to be an attractive kitchen crock that takes up little space, but holds an optimum amount of organic kitchen scraps.

Stainless Compost Pail is a cylinder that holds up to one gallon of kitchen organic waste materials, while still only occupying but seven inches in diameter and eleven inches in height, a must for any kitchen composter.

Stainless Compost PailWeighing only five pounds, five and a half with the lid, the Stainless Compost Pail can be filled with charcoal filters to better impede that awful odor that comes from the neglect of a decomposing anaerobic pot.

If Stainless Compost Pail is left to sit far too long in the kitchen without removing the contents on a weekly basis, the charcoal filters go a long way at minimizing unsavory smells that can attract unwanted four legged visitors.

Crock pots like the Stainless Compost Pail are interesting for the average North American family with roughly one gallon of organic kitchen scraps to compost on a daily basis, but most families will only find the need to empty the pot once every two days, hence the special charcoal filter with holes in the attractive stainless steel lid.

Stainless Compost Pail also comes with instructions on how to maintain and use the crock-pot itself, as well as a constant supply of compost tea, excellent for warding off insects in an organic and environmentally friendly way.

Stainless Compost Pail was made to endure the millenniums, is low tech and yet a highly efficient investment for the future of our planet and our children’s children.