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Sun Mar Garden Composter

Sun-Mar has a kitchen scrap compost tumbler called the Garden Composter that comes with something different in the area of tumblers, a constant flow of ready to use compost.

Sun-Mar has been a leader in composting human organic by-products for more than thirty years, and now they comes with the Garden Composter 200 made for taking care of your kitchen scraps as well. The garden composter 200 has a capacity of 50 gallons.

The garden composter uses hyper thermophilic microorganisms to deal with your kitchen in a constant tumbling fashion, but there is no need to empty it out and start over.

The big advantage over common tumblers is that it takes in organics from the top and tumbles them daily until the bin is half-full and releases a constant flow of humus out the exit hatch on the side.

This design is an industrial solution to what has most commonly always been a homemade and custom built product.

The Garden Composter 200 competes well on the market, and few other products can compare to the special design that allows for a constant, no maintenance flow of humus, daily.