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The Secret Life of Compost

The Secret Life of Compost is a well written book, by those with the passion for returning to the earth, the same life from which we ourselves are nurtured, explaining the secrets held inside the phenomenon of organic breakdown, teaching us, the elemental steps in walking the path of a better tomorrow, starting right now.

This book brings the expertise and life experiences of successful organic farmer CEO Malcolm Beck as well as the remarks of Acres USA publishings Charles Walters (specialist in sustainable farms), to your home library with all the information you need to make your very own compost; making the world we live in, a better tomorrow.

What happens inside compost? How does it do what it does? What are the best kinds of blends of C:N ratios and how can you decide when the time is right to take advantage of your very own black gold?

Malcom Beck puts all his decades of organic farming knowledge and commercially successful composting business secrets into one single volume that shows us what a passionate person can do if they really put their mind to it.

Years of experimenting with a variety of soil compositions went into The Secret Life of Compost, and this 150-page composting treasure comes in paperback or hardcover, published by Acres USA in January of 1997, with the paperback measuring 8.9 x 6x 0.5 and shipping at 10.4 ounces; a valuable edition to any organic gardeners book collection.

Knowing how to compost, and how to compost in such a way that gardeners not only seek you out, end up forcing you into selling your compost pile, just to keep some yourself, it is the truest test of a real pioneer, a test that Malcom Beck has passed with flying colors, and that he now passes on to those of us looking to develop our own sustainable farms; through The Secret Life of Compost.