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The Worm Book

The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Worms in Your Garden, condenses the most relevant information on the subject of worms, discussing species of worms, vermicomposters, indoor and outdoor worm bins, death, reproduction, feeding, as well as all the what, whys and hows of gardening and composting with worms.

Raising worms, raising them in your garden, in your vermicomposting bin on the thirty-sixth floor of a downtown high-rise or even as a business are all becoming popular trends in recent years, and with the market deciding that the time is ripe for such a topic, certain books that actually make the difference begin to stand out over time, The Worm Book is one of these.

The duo Nancarrow and Taylor really know their stuff, and they approached worm keeping from an easy to grasp, all-around most relevantpoint of view almost a decade ago, and their insight blended with passion, still makes sense today, offering a quick access to the dos and donts of this fine art in a thin manual that is easy to read.

This 152-page paperback written by Loren Nancorrow and Janet Hogan Taylor (authors of Dead Snails Leave No Trails), was first published for all ages by Ten Speed Press in March of 1998, measuring 8.8 x 5.9 x 0.5, it ships at only 8 ounces.

The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Worms in Your Garden shows how to use worms, gives detailed insight into anatomy, building worm bins, composting, better foods, raising worms and even making the garden worm-friendly; this is the perfect text-book for classroom projects in vermiculture.