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Urban Compost Tumbler

The Urban Compost Tumbler makes life in small spaces more sustainable through higher rates of aerobic composting that breakdown the traditional composting time by 90%. The Urban Compost Tumbler comes in two varieties the UCT7 and the UCT9.

Urban Compost Tumbler 7

capacity: 7.3 cu. ft.
height: 44″
width: 32″
55 gallons
weight: 35 lbs.
Ground space needed: 32″ x 26″.
Wooden stand and recycled plastic 55 gallon drum.

Urban Compost Tumbler 9

capacity: 9.5 cu. ft.
height: 43″
width: 33″
71 gallons
Weight: 61 lbs.
Ground space needed: 43″ x 35″
Plastic stand and recycled 71 gallon drum.

Urban spaces are becoming ever greener in our modern society and US citizens are turning more and more to sustainable ways of co-existence.

Thermophilic microorganisms are our friends of the future and the creators of Urban Compost Tumbler know this fact all too well, as they made oxygen their number one priority with this design.

75% less work for the end user, the Urban Compost Tumbler has a unique airflow design that increases the oxygen rate equally throughout the bin on a daily basis, making quick work of yard and kitchen refuse in a low impact eco-friendly product.

Good soil for gardeners and excellent liquid compost tea for the passionate horticulturist; this is more than just an ordinary compost tumbler.

The Urban Compost Tumbler is a work of sustainable art that fashions itself with a 100% recycled food grade plastic drum that is turned daily with no gears or buttons.

Just turn a couple of times and shake back and fourth to bring oxygen levels to a maximum; and ualá, 15% more oxygen throughout the composting pile.

The Urban Compost Tumbler is a 9.5 cubic foot barrel that holds some 71 gallons, on a rotating axis, just inches from the ground.

With a secure lid, the container remains child proof as well as critter proof, and your black gold can be harvested within 13 days with just one daily tumble that require no more than a single turn on the axis and a little shuffling from side to side.

Make quick work of excessive yard debris and your kitchen scraps in just two weeks with the Urban Compost Tumbler, an innovative design for safe and efficient urban composting that kills odors and bad news bacteria with stable levels of oxygen, water, carbon and nitrogen.

For a more sustainable and energy efficient country that need not pollute or destroy our mother planet, Urban Compost Tumbler was created to work with our microscopic allies; thermophilic microorganisms.