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Volvo Adventure Environmental Award

Volvo Adventure Environmental Award

Listen up school teachers and composting hobbyist with children. The Volvo Adventure Conference in May 2006 will be offering an award to young folks who enter and win their competition for local environmental projects that help educate schools and communities.

Here is the award or should we say “reward”:

  • Win an all expenses paid trip to attend the Volvo Adventure Conference in May 2006,
  • Present your project and practical action to a jury of international experts,
  • Win$10,000, $6,000 or $3,000 prize fund your environmental project,
  • Show your project to the world by publishing it on this website,
  • Contribute to a handbook of practical action for use by your peers and UNEP.
  • In 2004 the National Public School, (Indiranagar) India presented a vermicomposting project that won the award, so get your thinking caps on. This is a world event so all are welcome to participate.

    Also, if you would like some ideas feel free to contact me, I have many and would love to give your group a hand. :)