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Wire Compost Bin

For a wire compost bin that holds up to intense weather conditions like, heat, rain, sleet, hail, and all the possible elements in an outdoor compost pile; this PVC coated steel wire compost bin does the job efficiently, allowing more space and air for beneficial microorganisms to flourish.

Wire compost bins are great for improving aeration in a hot pile, allowing more room for hypothermophilic microorganisms to maneuver and thrive.

A well structured wire compost bin such as this one will maximize the breakdown time on a compost pile to as little as 30 days, even less if lots of grass is used.

Welded construction, this 36 by 36 inches square and 30 inch high PVC coated steel wire compost bin holds up to 22.5 cubic feet of diverse garden debris.

Some of the different kinds of debris that balance this “hot pile” out include grass clippings, leaves, weeds, twigs and even organics from the kitchen, turning out excellent black humus from 30 to 90 days, depending on how often it is turned and what materials are composted.

Nutrient rich soil is efficiently obtained in this 10.3 pound wire compost bin that makes gardening fun and enjoyable, especially when friends come by and notice how well kept your compost pile is.

This wire compost bin has the tactical advantage of today’s modern technology along with Mother Nature’s natural way of recycling organic refuse, especially garden debris.

A wire compost bin is exactly the kind of toy, every serious gardener is looking for; making sure that your property is more sustainable, for a cleaner and a more self-sufficient nation.