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Worm Bin

What is a Worm Bin?

A Worm Bin can be an excellent way to throw less food down the garbage disposal unit. What is a worm bin exactly? Well the bin itself is basically a box of some kind, usually filled with some kind of moist newspaper scraps, leaves, a little earth and sand, for bedding, red worms, and kitchen scraps. A worm bin, is usually vegetarian, since red worms prefer their veggies. Worm bins can be found under kitchen sinks, near the dog food, or even as a table display next to your son’s pet fish Goldie. The worm bin is more than just a gardener’s tool the worm bin is a way for people to feel good about doing something positive for a world trying to live at peace, amongst itself, and the surrounding environment.

A worm bin is an alternative way to supply wonderfully nutritious worm compost, also known as worm castings, for the garden. It is a way to cope and deal with the constant siege of consumer thinking. But is consumer behavior going to save humankind from itself? Having a worm bin will surely help a person think about that, if they don’t already. One main reason is because a worm bin is a whole other look on life from the one seen by the day to day roughing about of the average urban dweller.

If built from recycled materials, a worm bin will radiate pride and joy from a creation that delves in environmental thinking. When built with small amounts of money the feelings of pride and joy are just as powerful and balance as the inspirational well spring from which such a masterpiece is normally derived. There are so many different kinds of worm bins, they can even be bought brand new, for those who are looking to get right at worm castings through vermicomposting. Gardeners, environmentalists, green living experts, sustainable architects, and even vegetarians, are all enthusiasts of worm bins.

With a multi-layered worm bin, it is possible, to cultivate worm tea. Usually by putting holes in the bottom of the worm bin and collecting the moist drain offs from inside the worm bin. This works by putting a layer of bedding, with moist inkless recycled cardboard or a fluffy layer of moist newspaper scraps on the bottom of the worm bin and making sure the right kinds of foods are being given to the red worms in the correct amount per week. For example, a pound of red worms can go through a pound of rotting non-animal based kitchen food scraps in about a week. Non-animal, because that stuff usually starts to stink and attract unwanted visitors like flies and rats, while keeping those wanted visitors like other environmentally conscious people and curious children not only away from the bin, but sometimes even completely away from the house. So by keeping the foods that red worms like in the worm bin, and no more than they can eat at any one given time, everybody is happy.

Maintenance, can be even easier than taking care of a gold fish. By putting veggie scraps in the worm bin along the edges or corners, in different locations once a week, the red worms have a better time at decomposing the organic material into worm castings, which in the end is the final product that both mother nature and the environmentally conscious are looking to put to use. Mother Nature loves those worm bins. To get at the worm castings, is fun too, just gently place the fully composted castings and their adjacent red worm army onto a tarp along the edges, leaving a battlefield in the center to rally forth upon, project lamps onto the mounds of castings and watch in awe as the fearless troops unite more motivated than a roman legion into the center of the tarp. Whereupon gathered, may be gently placed back into the worm bin for another exiting adventure in composting.

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