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Worm Bungalow

Worm Bungalow was developed for places with large amounts of organic wastes to dispose of on a daily basis, such as restaurants or school cafeterias.

Places like farms, public gardens, community associations, correctional facilities, dormitories and schools can also find a more sustainable existence in the worm bungalow, processing at optimum capacity from between 30 to 40 lbs of post consumption food wastes daily.

Weighing 80 pounds empty and measuring three feet in diameter by three feethigh, castings are separated from the worms and the partially decomposed wastes without any turning, supporting populations of up to 40,000 red wrigglers the Worm Bungalow is setting the stage for a greener tomorrow.

100% of the composting area is used, no need for restarts or emptying; Worm Bungalow is the answer to all those ecological footprints leftover at the landfill from our societys intense food industry.

Our food industry throws so much in the landfill that replacing all that energy back in the fields would actually create a self-reliant and sustainable process eliminating ecological footprints from the industry completely.

By harvesting vermiculture in a relatively compact size such as this, fast food businesses could find a niche in the ecological world we are moving toward slowly but surely, Worm Bungalow is one more secret to a sustainable world.