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Worm Chalet

Worm Chalet is a three-tray white plastic worm bin that will readily hold between 15 to 20 kilos of worms and digest their weight in food scraps daily.

The Worm Chalet is a verticalized worm bin that allows worms to migrate upward from box to box as the lower boxes have reached their capacity, the worms will automatically find their way towards more organic materials.

As long as the level of soil is close enough to the top where they can reach the next level, the worms will just keep going upward, so when they reach the top box, just place it as the bottom box, empty the castings from the bottom and middle boxes into your garden and start the whole process over again.

The average American household usually has between two to five adults which will use an average of 15 to 20 kilos of food scraps a day; making Worm Chalet the ideal vermicomposting unit in small urban areas like apartments.

30.5 inches tall and 19.75 x 19.75 inches square, it readily fits into any kitchen or pantry as if it were an alternative garbage disposal unit, and it doesn’t smell as long as the compost tea is collected daily from the spigot at the bottom and spread into the garden or used as organic pesticide.

Worm Chalet Worm BinAlternatively, some people like to oxygenate their compost tea with an old aquarium air pump, a bucket and some tubing, supercharging it for better results!

This system is expandable and the plastic was made to look like weathered stone, with a passive climate control mechanism that moderates temperature fluctuations through an insulated air core in the triple wall design.

It is important to keep this out of direct sunlight while in use, to allow a more favorable environment and the tapered lid inhibits rainwater from pooling up.

Made from UV stabilized plastic that is durable and long lasting it comes with metal sieve separators, it can be used indoors or outdoors as is convenient, has a one year warranty and ships at 79 pounds.

The Worm Chalet is one more way to improve ecological friendliness, providing a sustainable outlet for organic wastes in the urban home, avoiding unnecessary ecological footprints and helping those that use your kitchen understand what it means to be a steward of Mother Earth on a daily basis.