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Worm Farm Transport

Ever use a worm farm to carry and transport worms for vermicomposting? Believe it or not, bait containers, like those offered by Magic Products will keep hundreds of worms alive until reaching their destination. Ever want to keep a batch of red worms inside for the winter? A worm farm can also do this!

Yes, the most popular places to find some pet worms for doing your own worm farm at home is a fishing supply store or local farm, the hardest thing always seems to be keeping them in good enough health conditions to actually survive the trip.

Filling this bait container is enough to get a whole new worm farm started up to show others what vermicomposting can really do.

Even hardy and aggressive worms like eisenia fetida (red wigglers) can just sit around and chill out for a while, this is not a really big problem, but what can happen during transport is they get a little traumatized from the sudden change in routine and that can be too hard on them.

Worm FarmOne of the most interesting things about vermicomposting is studying the habits of our slimy brothers of the earth; their survival depends on keeping them as much within the parameters nature preset for them as possible, if they undergo too much stress, even the hardiest will perish in sad and agonizing fates.

Some rules include such conditions as: remaining moist, within a temperature range between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, avoid too much light, receive enough oxygen (yes they breath oxygen), be kept clear of predators (like chickens and mischievous children), have space to crawl and be fed regularly.

Worms need to be provided with a constant supply of food, such as in the case of red wigglers their weight in organics daily, but they will survive a few days/weeks without food.

Problems can arise if they run out of moist bedding for your worm farm but do not fear, throw in a little shredded cardboard.

You can transfer worms to a larger container with new bedding and plenty of kitchen refuse after being in the worm farm for long periods.

Bait containers can be several sizes, from huge buckets to average sized for worm bin starting kits the size Worm Ranch Worm Farm comes in. Considered a large package at 20 x 14 x 7 and weighing 8 lbs, the complete kit comes with a 4.5 lb bag of worm bedding and a 12 oz bag of worm food (worms not included).

Worms will multiply if you give them a chance, and bait containers like Magic Worm Ranch are a perfect way to share those extra pets that an existing worm bin is capable of producing.

Like to fish? Keep your worms thriving and reproducing in between fishing trips!

If you love your worms, give their offspring to others and promote vermicomposting as an ethical way to reduce the impact of an over aggressive industrial revolution and paving the future of sustainable practices, right at home.